OPTP Ramadan Deal

OPTP Ramadan Deal seems to be emulating KFC’s legendary bucket deals with their own version of drumsticks. One Potato Two Potato has even named them southern fried chicken.

OPTP’s iftar deal is not such a deal but a bit on the expensive side when you consider that OPTP is a local brand while pricing its offerings at par with the foreign franchises.

OPTP Ramadan Deal Offering

  1. 10 drumsticks
  2. 2 garlic sauce
  3. 1 1.5litre coke
OPTP Ramadan Deal
OPTP Ramadan Deal

One thought on “OPTP Ramadan Deal

  1. Shameful behaviour of OPTP at builders mall DHA2 i went tonight and ordered a meal the drumstick was completely raw from the inside with blood literally dripping i took it back to the counter he didnt even apologise just took it back and bought it after 5 minutes buy dipping it in oil and deep frying it.The drumstick looked all oily wasnt even worth eating.the owner is disgracing the franchise i was so angry i came back and wrote u this please take notice and if possible let me talk to the idiot running this branch the one is isloo is way better this is my cell no.03335751783 Abdul Rehman

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