Nutrinizer & New York Coffee – Clean Eating Challenge Day 11

Both my lunch and dinner were ordered through FoodPanda, once again.

Day 11. Saturday

Lunch- Nutrinizer

I had a great time relishing their slim wrap omelette so I reckoned their Mediterranean omelette would be something to relish as well.

I was wrong.

Partly it was my fault. I had ordered lunch at a time when I was busy with the new recruits at office, and I got to eat my lunch half an hour after it had arrived. Now egg, especially fried or omelette, is something which is best eaten right off the stove. So that’s one thing.

But apart from that, it didn’t have that mesmerizing feeling that the previous slim wrap version had.

In the menu it had stated Mediterranean egg wrap Stuff with lite feta cheese tomato, spring onion.  The actual version had chicken as well.

The portion-size, however, was almost double than that of the slim wrap version at the same price.

Moreover, it had two mini slices of bran bread as well. The slim egg wrap had none.

All in all not a bad choice, if you can stomach a Rs.450 worth of eggs. Not many can. They would just as well do it on their own.


Dinner – New York Coffee

New York Coffee may not rate amongst the fine-dining restaurants of Karachi, but they do know how to make their food tantalizing. The Moroccan chicken that I ordered for dinner was no exception.

Very rarely you find chicken breast moist and chewable. Usually it’s dry and requires jaws of steel to plough through.

New York Coffee made it just right. It was delectable. It melted in your mouth. And most importantly, it was grilled to perfection.


The only problem I had was that in the menu they had given the option of either grilled vegetables or mashed potatoes. But when it came to check-out in the FoodPanda app, there was no option.

I had to search for their contact number since none was listed in the FoodPanda app, call them up and tell them.

That kind of defeats the purpose of an app, doesn’t it?

New York Coffee is offering discounts through FoodPanda so what was supposed to be a Rs.700+ dish I got it for Rs.552, but with taxes it came out to be Rs.642. In the end not that cheap. The quantity however, was right up there.

What's your take?

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