Nutrinizer & FoodPanda – Clean Eating Challenge Day 12

Day 12. Sunday

Both lunch and dinner were ordered through FoodPanda, the biggest food delivery service in Pakistan till now. And no, I’m neither sponsored nor paid by them.

Lunch- Home-Made Breakfast

As has been my practice for ages now, I went for 3 boiled eggs with 2 bran toast, fresh milk cream and tea at about 12.45pm to last me throughout the day.

To ward off hunger pangs, I had assorted nuts and Dunkin Donuts Large Cup of Cappuccino with caramel flavor. I know. Not the most healthy of options, but it gives me that short burst of energy to ward off brain fog.

Nutrinizer – Dinner

I took a different approach to dinner this time around and went the Middle Eastern way.

Here’s what I ordered, through FoodPanda once again:

  1. Baba Ganoush Bean Salsa Salad [Calories: 190, Price: 350]
  2. Hummus [Calories: 400, Price: 290]
  3. Mutabbal [Calories: 400, Price: 290]

For the uninitiated, both Baba Ganoush and Mutabbal are eggplant-based dishes. Eggplant? Baygun.

The Baba Ganoush was a total disaster. Not sure what Nutrinizer was trying to pull off. And it was nowhere near the authentic taste. It was spicy. It was sweet. And it was without salt. A lethal combination.

Quantity was enough to feed all the stray cats and dogs of the neighborhood.

Mutabbal wasn’t a complete failure. That’s not to say it was great either. It tasted more like our very own Baygun ka Bhurta/Raita rather than a Lebanese cuisine.

Hummus, thankfully, was the saving grace of the night. It was as true to the authentic taste as I’ve come to experience in Pakistan. Just the right amount of garlic and lemon. Smooth texture with just a hint of graininess.

Both Hummus and Mutabbal came with the sides of chicken, cucumber and carrot strips.

All in all I paid Rs.979 for the three items but they lasted me for 2 dinners.

Not a bad experiment, overall.


What's your take?

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