Nutrinizer & EatFit – Clean Eating Challenge Day 10

I continued ordering through FoodPanda, not because they’ve got the best service, but amongst the options available to us Karachiites, it is the best option so far.

Day 10. Friday

Lunch- Eatfit

One of the problems with Eatfit, healthy or not, is that their salads are from the caveman’s time. It looks someone went into the garden, or worse, nearby fields, plucked whatever he came across and started filling the customer’s box right then and there, irrespective of whether that plant or shrub is edible or not.

No washing or cleaning. No mixing of materials. No dressing.

They believe in Real Raw.

That’s all well and good. But if the consumer wants to consume that stuff, he can just as well go into the ‘Jhaarian’ and eat from there instead of spending Rs.200+ for the same stuff from Eatfit.

But since Eatfit has been going strong for the last three years, it seems their customers do like this stuff. Or not. There was this woman Zainab who wrote in the reviews with the title ‘Very Bad Salad’  that ‘the salad was just dry lettuce and sandwich was without any good taste’.

And that pretty much sums it up. Take the Mediterranean salad, for instance which I ordered for Rs. 272 inclusive of taxes. Although there were a few olives and pieces of cottage cheese on the top, but beneath that there was nothing but dry lettuce and lots of it. And while they do give the dressing separately, mixing it up in the small container that they give their salad in which is already full is not possible, especially if you’re consuming it in your office and on your desk. And the ability of that less than stellar dressing to enhance the taste of your salad is a big question mark. So far the dressing’s I’ve tried from them, I wouldn’t bet on it.

The total cost of filling that box to Eatfit would hardly be Rs.50, if not less. And they are charging Rs.240+tax on that.

If you don’t call that fleecing the consumer, I don’t know what is.  It’s our own misfortune that we don’t have enough healthy cafes which can then compete with each other and thus bring the inflated prices down. The few places that do offer this have got a huge monopoly.

The second item that I ordered from Eatfit that day, which I didn’t needed and was just because of their stupid rule of making it Rs.350, was the noodle salad.

If you want to invite someone you hate to dinner and want to give him a nightmare of a time, I suggest you order the Chicken noodle salad from Eatfit and let him have it.


For the mere price of Rs.328, you can exact revenge to your heart’s content on a horrible boss, a workplace rival who took away your promotion, or that ex-lover who gave you hell.

Now it’s your turn to give them hell without actually killing them. And Eatfit is your best ally in the Art of Revenge. And two of their best weapons are the Asian Brown Rice and the Chicken Noodle Salad.

Unleash them on your opponents and detractors. Works everytime.

So this lunch from Eatfit cost me a whopping Rs.600 [328+272]. Not the best way to spend that money.


Dinner – Nutrinizer

This was turning out to be a bad hair day. No, not even that phrase does justification to the kind of day I was having. It was more like a bald hair day where you wake up in the morning and can’t get your hair straightened up, but by the end of the day you don’t have any hair left to straighten up. That kind of a day.

Nutrinizer which had been kind to me so far with their offerings decided to send a stinger missile my way in the form of their signature breakfast offering, ‘Health in a Bowl’.

Don’t be misled by the name. It’s more like ‘Death in a Bowl’. You are more likely to drown in that bowl consuming it rather than extract any health benefit from it.

To be fair to them, the bowl was actually large. And awfully heavy. But then, for a wallet burning price of Rs.490+50= 540, it better be.

What on earth it was, I still have no idea. In the words of Nutrinizer, “Rolled oats, fat free greek yogurt, organic honey, crunchy home made granola topped with seasonal fruits or nuts”.  Calories 410.

In reality, it tasted more like milk gone sour mixed with stale nuts. The fruits at least tasted like fresh. And there lots of them.

That’s the good thing about Nutrinizer. They never shy away from giving you great portion sizes. And the same applied here as well.

The biggest deal breaker was the cinnamon. And if you look at the description, cinnamon is not mentioned anywhere. If they had, I would have requested them to exclude it.

And therein lies one another shortcoming of FoodPanda app. It doesn’t let you add comments to your order if you would like to get some ingredient changed or excluded.

Anyway, the cinnamon combined with the size of the bowl ensured that I didn’t get to complete the bowl.

And that ended a very sad day in my 30 day quest to go sober, health-wise of course.

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