Koel Café and Health Act- Clean Eating Challenge Day 2

Day 2 of the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge was a complete disaster.

My fault.

Chose two so-called high end restaurants, Koel Café and Health Act.

What was I thinking?

Both were damn expensive. Charged a hefty delivery fee compared to free from others. And serving size was dismal.

Left me feeling hungry and jaded all day.

Lunch – Koel Café

Koel cafe was a huge disappointment. The Tuna Green salad cost a whopping Rs.545, and yet you had to really ‘fish’ for the tuna within it.

The Koel people were quite meticulous about what they put in the salad. Exactly two dices of grilled carrot, two slices of grilled brinjal, three quarters of a boiled egg, and of course a few teaspoons of mashed tuna.

The rest of the box was brimming with leafy greens. Seems like they are the cheapest ingredient.
No wonder clean and healthy eating is not picking up in this part of the world. When we’ve got the so-called upscale restaurants like Koel cutting corners and at the same time charging a fortune, who would dare eat healthy???

On top of everything, they charged Rs.100 for delivering it when most of the restaurants aren’t charging a dime.

Taste-wise, it was, well what would you expect a bowl filled with raw green vegetables taste like? Exactly. Just like any other. A commodity. And yet Koel charges 500 bucks for it. I wonder how many people dig that stuff there.


Dinner – Health Act

You know you are having a shitty day when twice in a row you get fucked up by two ‘upscale’ restaurants. At lunch it was Koel. At dinner it was Health Act’s turn to take a dig at me.

Their chicken roasted pineapple salad which cost upwards of Rs.500 had exactly three tiny pieces of the fruit. And it was loaded with capsicum. It was as if it had rained capsicum the previous day and they didnt know where to put the darn stuff.


The only logical place. My salad.

And to further compound my misery, the box was filled exactly half.

Nice going, #healthact.

Dont worry. Your noble gesture wont get unnoticed.

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