Koel Cafe – Clean Eating Challenge Day 18

Day 18. Saturday

FoodPanda again did the honors of bringing my grub for the night. They have made some mistakes over the last 15 days, but they have been consistent by the Pakistani standards.


Brunch- Home-Made Breakfast


As has been the norm, I went with the home-made breakfast of 3 boiled eggs, 1 bran bread toast, desi milk malai and a cup of tea.


Dinner – Koel Café

Ok I admit I made a horrible mistake here. I don’t know what the hell I was thinking, but I ordered the parmesan crusted chicken from Koel Café.

It was sumptuous. It was plentiful. Alas it was fried. Packed with creamy sauce. Crusted with cheese. The perfect recipe for packing those filthy fats into every nook and corner of your belly… I mean body.

The quantity was the most I’ve ever had from any restaurant in this 30 day challenge. Yeah it was that much. It lasted me for 2 whole days.

The only downside from Koel’s end was that they didn’t give me the grilled veggies. They just gave mashed potato and a half piece of tomato and that was that.

At Rs.689, I expect better service from them.

What's your take?

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