Inside Story of iPhone 12 Pro Max Fraud by Heaven Technologies at



You know, people have told me. Time and again. Never buy an expensive product from Daraz.

So you can call me a fool for making the same mistake twice. And having suffered for it.

We’ll start off with the second mistake. The most expensive mistake of my life.

I bought an iPhone 12 Pro Max for a whopping Rs.242,000 and Daraz has failed to deliver it.

Heaven Technologies. Doesn’t the name sound phony?

It does, right? Would you hand over quarter of a Million Rupees to such a company on a platter?

You wouldn’t, Nah?

Well, I did. A stupidity of epic proportions.

Now this Heaven Technologies (Hell would have been a better choice of word) doesn’t exist anywhere. Except on Daraz. Another tell-tale sign of something seriously wrong.

Heaven Technologies Fraud
Heaven Technologies Fraud

But I was in a state of stupor and still went ahead.

I placed the order #130983680583054 with Heaven Technologies for iPhone 12 Pro Max on 12th August. It was supposed to be delivered between 17th and 19th of August. So far so good.

DarazMall Fraud
DarazMall Fraud

On 13th of August I got the message that the product was handed over to the logistics partner. I thought, great, I’ll probably get it sooner than 17th.

17th arrives. No change in status.

18th. Nothing.

19th comes and goes, and the product is still sitting snugly at this ‘Logistics Partner’.

On 21st I finally start asking around where the hell is my iPhone. I contact the hellish Heaven Technologies. No response. It’s a ghost town.

22nd August. I write an email to Daraz on [email protected]. No acknowledgement of email. No ‘we’re sorry let us check and we’ll get back to you’. No nothing.

Complaint Email
Complaint Email

23rd August. I try to start a chat with Daraz help centre. There’s no person at the other end. Just a chat bot. Awesome.

And that chat bot tells me that I’ll receive the package on 24th. Look at the screenshot.


Daraz Kathmandu Nepal
Daraz Kathmandu Nepal Refund Refund
iPhone 12 Pro Cancelled without reason after 11 days
iPhone 12 Pro Cancelled without reason after 11 days

Ok. So I got the hit.

But there are a lot of thought-provoking questions here.


Why does Heaven Technologies only exists on Daraz? Is it because it’s owned by a Daraz employee created for the sole purpose of exploiting the ecommerce platform?

How come Heaven Technologies conveniently landed on Daraz Mall when it does not have even a physical address? I know how hard it is to get on DarazMall. You only can do it easily as a Private Seller.

Coming back to my own ordeal, how come a product which was handed over to the logistics partner on 13th August is cancelled on 24th August due to sourcing delay?

Why couldn’t the cancellation occur right then and there?

Why is Heaven Technologies allowed to pretend that it has got the products in their stock when actually they are importing them from outside the country after being paid by the customer?


Would I continue to purchase products from Daraz after this Heaven Technologies fiasco?

Yeah, I would. Reason being, they do have a relatively stable system of getting you products which no one at present is able to offer in Pakistan. It’s just that you can’t trust them with expensive products, even if the seller is on DarazMall.

This is the second time I’ve been stung by a dubious seller, and both times the seller belonged to DarazMall.


What's your take?

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