Health n Wealth Report – 10 Days

The second health n wealth report of the 30 day challenge.

There has been remarkably little or no difference in the ten days I’ve been on this quest. Apart of course from the Rs.9,700 that I had to part with.

There’s a 0.7” shaved off my waist, if you like to call that a meaningful impact.

The other consistency has been the fact that almost meals so far have been ordered through FoodPanda app.

I believe I’ve behaved very well in this period. Kept myself on a tight leash. As far as I can remember, I only had two cans of 7-up, 3 aaloo samosas, 1 qeema samosa.

No burgers. No pizzas. No biryani. No handi. No sweet dishes, apart from the occasional mango, which I don’t believe even counts as a sin of gluttony.

So that’s a big achievement for a carnivore like me, being able to curb my gastronomical desires for 10 long days in a stretch.

Health n Wealth Report – 10 Days
Health n Wealth Report – 10 Days

I’m not morbidly obese. Just skinny fat. Which is worse.

That also means I’ve got more visceral fat than its subcutaneous cousin.

And the bulk of it is stuck to my abdominals. Hence the burgeoning waist line. Whether it will take more than a 30-day challenge to move is something only time will tell.

People try to quantify their fitness objectives in all sorts of ways – weight, waist, bodyfat percentage, lean mass, calories consumed and so on.

My simple litmus test is this Marks & Spencer dress-pant which was bursting at the seams when I wore it prior to starting the challenge. And it wasnt just the waist. It seemed my thighs had become thicker than an anaconda and the butt…..well lets not go there.

Bottom-line: if I can fit into this somehow by the end of the challenge, that would be the yardstick for success, and not some body parameter that fluctuates wildly throughout the day.

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