FoodPanda & New York Coffee – Clean Eating Challenge D-19

Brunch- HomeMade

As usual, I had a late breakfast of 4 boiled eggs, 1 brand bread, fresh milk Malai and tea. Late afternoon I had a mango just to keep running things smoothly.


Dinner – New York Coffee Café

This was the first time I tried making use of the credit card payment on FoodPanda instead of the Cash on Delivery option.

Now the thing that has me worried is that I haven’t received any message from Faysal Bank as to how much amount has been actually charged to me, whether they’re taking a commission from the consumer for this transaction or not. If they’re taking it from FoodPanda, that’s fine. If not, then this option is a waste of money.

I ordered the tenderloin flap steak from New York Coffee, and surprisingly, the steak arrived 30 mins early than the intended time. But it wasn’t hot, not even lukewarm, which does raise suspicion as to how they could make it  and send it so quickly, and it still manages to go cold?


Very suspicious, I must say.

The portion-size was great. The taste would have been great too had it not been for the tangy taste. A steak ought to be neutral in taste with bare minimum seasoning. So that killed the fun to some extent.

All in all it was a good deal for Rs.788.

What's your take?

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