EatFit and New York Coffee – Clean Eating Challenge Day 3

Lunch – EatFit

EatFit has taken the lead in terms of bang for the buck. Not only do they offer comparatively better prices, the portion size is definitely much better than the rest of the competition.

You’ll probably starve to death if you rely solely on the salad options of most restaurants and cafes like Koel and Health Act.

This is probably the reason why Eatfit has survived and thrived for the last 3 years while so many health cafes came and went in that period.

This time around I ordered the Garden salad with seasonal fruits and nuts which cost Rs.240+tax and bean salad for Rs170+ tax. Total bill came out to be 463 with taxes.

And it was really satiating. I could have dropped the bean salad and still felt full.

So this has been the biggest meal I’ve had so far with respect to portion size.

Once again I used FoodPanda to order the food and so far I’ve had not many issues with the service.


Dinner – New York Coffee Café

I’ll be damned.

What an awesome quesadilla. I fkin loved it. No doubt it was expensive at Rs.646, but hey, the quantity was good enough. And the taste.

Man, what taste!

Maybe it’s the hallucinogenic effect of having too many salads when you’ve been a carnivore all your life. But this quesadilla has got to be the best unique meal I’ve had for a long time, and chances are its going to top this 30-day challenge, healthy or not.

To be precise, it was loaded with buffalo chicken, mozzarella cheese and I don’t know jack. All I know is that it was heavenly.

Kudos to New York Coffee for making such delectable dish. And offering discount. And free delivery. Koel and Health Act, you need to get your act together.   

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