Eatfit & Manakeesh – Clean Eating Challenge Day 17

Day 17. Friday

Both lunch and dinner were ordered through FoodPanda, the biggest food delivery service in Pakistan till now. And no, I’m neither sponsored nor paid by them.

Lunch- Eatfit

One of the best offerings I’ve discovered at Eatfit is the Stuffed spinach chicken breast with grilled veggies. It’s definitely not the best offering in the world, but compared to other options at Eatfit, it’s worth its weight in gold.

But for some reason, the more I order this dish, every time the chicken seems to be tougher to chew than the previous one. Now I don’t know whether the chicks are getting tougher or I’m going soft.

And because of Eatfit’s stupid rule of Rs350, I had to order a seasonal fruit salad as well. Which was a complete rip-off. It needs to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as one of the greatest rip-offs of all time.

Just have a look at the pics. It’s a tiny box with even tinier pieces of fruit in it and it costs a whopping Rs.170. They might as well put in a test tube.

Steer clear of eatfit’s seasonal fruit offering.


Dinner – Manakeesh

Many of us have this preconceived notion that Arabic cuisine is healthy. While a huge part of that cuisine is, there’s still a lot of fast food in the Arabic world that is pure evil.

As I discovered on this weekend night.

I was out entertaining a friend, and I thought why don’t I opt for something that was entertaining and healthy at the same time.

And so off to Manakeesh we went. Manakeesh is a small bistro more than anything that accommodates hardly 10-15 people at a time. I reckon they make more on the delivery business.

Located in the Bukhari commercial area DHA phase 6, the place is quite hard to find, even though Bukhari is famous for sprouting new cafes and restaurants every other day, and getting them closed soon enough. The jinxed commercial area of DHA.

Manakeesh is actually the name of a dish in the Arabic peninsula. It’s a kind of a flatbread on which you can have different toppings, cheese, meat, veggies the most common being Zaatar. It’s similar to a pizza, the only difference being the toppings are actually inside rather than on top.

But what exactly is Zaatar?


Simply put, Zaatar is a mix of herbs along with a bit of salt and seasame seed.

The most popular manakeesh has zaatar and one of the many types of cheese in it –Akawi, Halloumi, and Kashkaval.

Not surpisingly, manakeesh is the most popular dish available at Manakeesh. In addition to that, they’ve got the Gyros, the doner platter, pizza, burger, you name it.

Now the problem with all these offering is that they are loaded with carbs and unsaturated fats, the kind that’s bad for you, and very little protein.

I still tried to steer clear of the most villainous of offerings, and settled for gyro platter, manakeesh with kashkaval plus lamb n cheese, twister and hummus.

Twister is a glorified form of manakeesh which I suspect they’ve invented themselves as opposed to any actual dish in the Arabic cuisine. It’s a twisted circle of bread filled with whatever you want to put in it, chicken, cheese, lamb, whatever the heart desires.

Whatever we tried was delectable, but I suspect the fact that we had piping hot from the oven made a big difference. If we had consumed as a take-away or delivery, it wouldn’t have been as good.

It’s not that expensive a restaurant, but considering it’s just a small room kind of a café, I believe their prices can be even more reasonable.

What's your take?

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