Eat Fit & Qasr-e-Nakheel – Clean Eating Challenge Day 7

Lunch – EatFit

One of the problems with Eatfit, or maybe it’s an issue with FoodPanda app is that they’ve put a lower limit of Rs.350 for accepting orders. Now there’s nothing wrong with such limits especially since you’re offering free delivery.

You don’t want to delivering stuff which costs a mere 100 or 200.

The problem here is that although your meal costs well above Rs.350 with the inclusion of VAT, without the VAT you’re falling Rs.20-30 short, and FoodPanda doesn’t allow orders even for such miniscule differences.

So both Eatfit and FoodPanda need to work on this glitch. What this means is that you have to order two items and since no order is less than Rs.100, you invariably end up paying Rs.500 on a single meal time.

While that’s not such a big problem for me since I’m pursuing this as a sort of experiment, and it won’t matter that much either to the health-conscious SEC A and upwards, it’s not going to help someone below these Socio-economic classes to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

They may try these Eatfit or any other healthy option for some days, but they will not adopt it on a regular basis.

Think about it. Who in his or her right mind won’t spend Rs.500 per meal or Rs.1000 per day till perpetuity? It just doesn’t make economic sense.

Unless you’re filthy rich. In which case you don’t need these healthy meals to begin with. You can eat to your heart’s content all the artery clogging stuff and then just have a liposuction or some other procedure. End of worries.

But for the rest of the humanity, this is a big challenge. And a great opportunity for any shrewd entrepreneur. If you can come up with a meal plan for the entire month with per meal cost not exceeding Rs.300 inclusive of everything, then you’re going to harness the long tail of the population and hit the jackpot.

Right now the way these mom-and-pop health cafes are structured, they are only able to tailor their offerings for a niche.

Imagine what you could achieve if you can expand this business model and cater to the masses, or at least a few fattier segments?  


Coming back to my Eatfit lunch on this day, I chose the Chicken Greek Salad at Rs.320 and since it was falling short of Rs350, I chose the cucumber and carrot stick with ranch dressing for Rs.110.

Total bill came out to be Rs.463. Gave the complete Rs.500, the rest as tip.

It was a garden salad with what looked like over-cooked chicken. I was expecting the chicken to be grilled considering that Eatfit is a health café, but it seemed it was either fried or cooked over a stove. Definitely not baked.

Portion size was substantial. Taste-wise it was just ok, nothing compared to Nutrinizer’s Healthy Harvest Salad.


Dinner – Qasr-e-Nakheel

Nothing to write home about. Consumed the leftovers from the Qasr-e-Nakheel shawarma platter from the previous night.

Good as new. Only the hummus was as bland as the previous day.

I made use of FoodPanda for ordering both lunch and dinner. They have by and large provided good service.  A few hiccups here and there, but overall not bad at all.

What's your take?

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