Pakistan is a cornucopia of not only diverse cultures and traditions but diverse cuisines as well. And that includes not only the indigenous gastronomical delights but a host of foreign ones, ranging from Chinese and Thai from one end of the world to Mexican delights on the other side of the world. And no one city embodies this eclectic mix better than the city of lights- Karachi. So the bulk of the focus is going to be on this one city.

It’s going to put under the microscope anything and everything edible that is served under a roof, from upscale restaurants on Zamzama to desi fast food walas and dhabas on Burns road and Buffer Zone.

The aim is to provide the consumer with a comprehensive guide to the eateries based on the location, cuisine and the pricing range, and the restaurateur with marketing strategies on how best to woo the customer and keep him loyal for life.

Restaurants Uncut is a brand extension of brandasy.com. It was created because restaurant branding is a huge field to be confined to just one category on brandasy.com, hence the need for a separate branded website.

The creator of Restaurants Uncut is a ‘brandsman’, writer, engineer all rolled into one, but most of all  considers himself as a fledgling connoisseur  of food who has indulged excessively in the gastronomical kaleidoscope of Pakistan and feels he has something useful to share both with the people who like to tantalize their taste buds and the people who make it happen for them. In the words of Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point, he’s a Maven.

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