Wimpy’s is one of the oldest players of Muhammad Ali Society food street specializing in barbeque items. Along with Kaybees it was a force to be reckoned with in the 80s and early 90s. It packs a punch even today but has lost most of its luster owing to winds of change as well as more competitive entrants in the arena like Pizza Hut and KFC. Then there is its arch rival Kaybees which has gone far ahead of it in terms of brand image and promotion.

On top of everything, Wimpy’s does not have the most enviable of locations, standing deep in one of the by-lanes. And yet the place keeps buzzing on weekends.

It’s not that it hasn’t tried to reposition itself, creating better seating arrangement and ambiance and adding further depth to the menu by including snacks. However, it’s forte remains its barbeque items, some even better than its foe Kaybees.

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The one competitive advantage that Wimpy’s has on that entire street is that it has chicken lever on its menu, in fact the best bbq chicken lever in town although it also offers the option of fried lever.  The fried version is in the form of katakat and is delectable as well. Both versions cost a reasonable Rs.100 and the katakat version is more than sufficient for two persons.

It’s parathas are disappointing though, so crispy that they literally crumble in your hands. Kaybees parathas are the complete opposite with just the right balance of crispiness and firmness to be enjoyed with a meal.

Other bbq items of Wimpy’s are good, but with so many bbq walas operating in the city, Wimpy’s just doesn’t have that clout it used to have anymore.

Coming to its fast food items, we tried the grilled chicken sandwich. Priced at Rs.165, quantity-wise it scored high with ample serving of fries and coleslaw, but the sandwich itself wasn’t up to the mark. It was deep-fried to the point of being burnt and the taste was pretty much bland.

The beef burger priced Rs.125 was a major disappointment. The beef patty tasted like it had been cooked in prehistoric times. The bun wasn’t fresh. What’s left to report? At least the fries and coleslaw quantity was sufficient enough.

The club sandwich priced Rs.135,however, fares much better than both the beef burger and the grilled sandwich. It is much more palatable with just the right balance of chicken,egg and salad. And it will fill your stomach nicely.

Wimpy’s has tried to emulate Kaybees by adding lots of seating space. However, it has failed to match the ambiance provided by its rival. In other words, the sort of gentry that comes to Kaybees won’t end up at Wimpy’s. The best place to consume Wimpy’s delicacies is still outside in the fresh air where it has put up chairs and tables.