Largess – the upscale restaurant of yore

Largess restaurant has been around in the Karachi foodscape for what seems like eternity. It is your conventional Pakistani restaurant of the 80s era where you could find pretty much anything to eat under one roof. From Pakistani to Chinese to American steaks, you name it.

Of course that era is long gone. With branding becoming a sophisticated and specialist field, brands are increasingly adhering to the 22 immutable laws of branding, one of which is a brand needs to narrow down its focus to enhance its brand equity. Continue reading Largess – the upscale restaurant of yore

Gun Smoke – The Resilient Brand

Gun Smoke is one of those restaurants that opened in an era when service was being used in the restaurant industry as a differentiation factor. TGI Fridays although on the brink of closing down at that point in time, had brought the concept of waiters doing more than just serving. But that was not the only change taking place. Branded theme eating houses were increasingly being accepted by both the consumers and the restaurateurs. Continue reading Gun Smoke – The Resilient Brand