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Penny Pizza – Best Clone of Pizza Hut

Penny Pizza is one of the better clones of Pizza Hut in the market. In fact when it first started out a couple of years ago, it outdid even Pizza Hut in the quantity of the topping. Since then it has come back to Earth and doing what most Pakistani pizza parlors are resorting to, specifically minimalist topping.

In spite of all that, Penny Pizza is going strong. We checked it out on a Friday night after almost a year of first testing it, and the joint was doing good business even though it wasn’t exactly the weekend. There have been loads of pizza parlors that closed shop in the first six months of their life. Penny Pizza continues to egg on. Continue reading Penny Pizza – Best Clone of Pizza Hut

Subway’s Rs.169 Special Deal

When it comes to special offers, Subway takes the lead over all the other foreign franchises operating in Pakistan. Maybe this has got something to do with the fact that amongst all the foreign brands in Pakistan, Subway has had the toughest time. 10 years down the line, they have managed to capture a meager 6% of the market share in contrast to KFC lion’s share of 29%, Pizza Hut with 23% and McDonald’s with 18%.  Although Nando’s is at 6% as well, but then Nando’s hasn’t had the run that Subway has plus it doesn’t have that many outlets compared to the strong network of Subway.

(These market share stats were determined through an online survey conducted by Dawn.com and the results published in Aurora magazine). Continue reading Subway’s Rs.169 Special Deal

Hot n Tasty Roll & BBQ: Just another roll wala?

Silver Spoon Snacks was the pioneer of the kabab roll, but the credit for creating the modern kabab roll goes to Red Apple, Eaton and Hot n Spicy. The difference between the two is that the new one is bulkier and has an array of choices to go with the actual filling. You can have garlic mayo sauce with chicken malai boti, cheese with beef behari boti, or plain boti with chutni- the varieties are endless.

Following the success of these four giants, everyone is on a rush to jump on the roll kabab bandwagon. Hot n Tasty is one of those. Neither the name nor the signboard has any originality to it. You could visit dozens of such shops with the same name and aura. Hell, even the product offering is virtually the same. It’s a second degree clone of the actual thing. The size is slightly on the smaller side, even the ‘botis’ are not sufficient, and the paratha is way too soaked in oil. The garlic mayo sauce, however, was tasty, something which many of these me-too shops fail to emulate.

The inside of the place is something best not talked about. It looked like it was a barbershop which got converted into a restaurant. The walls are painted with some strange reflector material. It’s best to stay outside in your car and eat there instead of entering this small hall devoid of any pleasant ambience. That way you wouldn’t have to know the hygiene factor of the place, which it isn’t on the high side either. But then what do you expect from such a place.

The location of the place, well that’s it’s biggest advantage. It’s right on the front road coming from the Bahadurabad chowrangi going towards Sharafabad. What’s more, it doesn’t have any competition on the front, except Roll Corner which is situated deep in the lane opposite the Tooso. But it’s a pretty stiff competition. Roll Corner is right in the league of the four major giants and had it been on the front street, it would have blown away any competition within striking distance.

We tested the tikka of Hot n Tasty as well, and like its other items, it’s also just alright, nothing more.

In short, this fledgling shop has all the ingredients for going up the success ladder, the biggest being its location. All it needs is for its owner to shed his myopic vision and aim for the long term by exceeding customer expectations instead of disappointing them by offering below average stuff.

Tasty Roll
Tasty Roll