Milano Ice Cream Parlor
Italian Ice Cream Studio

Milano Ice Cream Parlor

If there is one thing that Karachi seriously lacks in, it’s ice cream parlors. Yes, there are a few of them, some of them really good ones, but that hardly justifies the stats considering the sheer size of this mega city.

Milano, a highly unlikely name for an ice cream parlor, is a new entrant in this category. Location-wise it’s right up there, on the busy thoroughfare of Dhoraji, right alongside Meerath Kabab house. And the fact that there’s only one other ice cream on the entire street, and that also neither upscale nor close to it, adds value to this place. (more…)

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Largess – the upscale restaurant of yore

Largess restaurant has been around in the Karachi foodscape for what seems like eternity. It is your conventional Pakistani restaurant of the 80s era where you could find pretty much anything to eat under one roof. From Pakistani to Chinese to American steaks, you name it.

Of course that era is long gone. With branding becoming a sophisticated and specialist field, brands are increasingly adhering to the 22 immutable laws of branding, one of which is a brand needs to narrow down its focus to enhance its brand equity. (more…)

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The Crepe Factory Experience

I had my first Crepe experience at the Roasters, and it was simply divine. Then I came across this Crepe Factory thing and I was on my way.

The location of the place is a bit of a problem as well. It’s located right at the back of the Khadda market, away from all the eateries that are in that area. So when someone from the other side of Kala Pull wants to get there, it’s quite difficult.

When we reached the place on a Saturday night after asking for the directions from their management for the umpteenth time, it looked like a ghost town. (more…)

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Texas Burger- Terrific Offering, No Marketing

Main Khayaban-e-Badar ,26th Street, Phase V DHA. That’s where we were supposed to find BYOB (Build Your Own Burger) according to Karachi Snob. After searching high and low for that elsusive, including calling them on the number provided by, who else, Karachi Snob, we ended up at Texas Burger which is adjacent to where BYOB was supposed to be. Yep, the BYOB people closed shop a while ago according to neighboring shopkeepers. (more…)

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Top 19 Ingredients of the Ultimate Brand Recipe for Indulge

Here’s a picture perfect recipe (with marketing and branding; two essential ingredients) that ought to help Indulge rise above the brand clutter:

1) Size does matter

  • Increase the portion of all the entrée items. Even if it means increasing the price a bit, do it. The thing is, at Rs.225, if the consumer can’t  get either his appetite satiated or his taste buds bedazzled, he won’t come back. Simple as that. Remember Mr. Rafiq Rangoonwala’s insight that the Pakistani consumer visits a restaurant or café primarily for filling his stomach and not for a snack. (more…)

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