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BBQ tonight needs to fine tune its menu

Barbeque tonight continues to uphold its position as the premium dining destination in spite of a plethora of bbq restaurants including Kaybees, Wimpy’s, Zameer Haider, Ghaffar, Bundoo Khan, Meerath Kabab House and the entire Boating Basin food street. And this does not include all the other restaurants that are not bbq specialist but do offer them including the upscale Copper Kettle itself. Then we have the buffet restaurants – Village, Lal Qila, Shan-e-Mughlia – all of which offer bbq dishes.

So, in spite of cutthroat competition from established brands, what makes Bbq tonight stand out? A lot of reasons. Location is one major advantage that bar b.q tonight has. Nestled right at the junction which leads to Park Towers, Boat Basin and the Bilawal House, you just can’t miss the towering three-storey restaurant the size of a mini shopping mall. It can easily be considered the biggest restaurant of Karachi in terms of size.

It wasn’t this size always. Back in the good old days, bar bq tonight was a single-storey building and you simply couldn’t find a table if you didn’t book in advance. It used to be a  scene of utter chaos, with tables clustered all over the parking lot and sidewalk, and the cars actually parked far away in the residential area behind that you would be feeling hungry once again by the time you walked up to it.

Things have dramatically changed since then, you don’t have to wait for ages for a table to vacate. In fact you can go on a weekend with the place jampacked and still get a table right away. They claim on their website to have a table for you even in the peak hours and they deliver on their promise.

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Parking space, however, is still not enough, but you do have the option of valet parking.

The second biggest competitive advantage Bbq tonight is that of speedy service. In fact, make it the speediest service you’ll find at any a la carte restaurant in Karachi, which is commendable considering the number of people dining at any one time. Bar bq items are not something that you can prepare in a jiffy and yet bar bq tonight is able to do just that. The waiters will tell you that the food will be served in 15 to 20 minutes but it arrives even sooner than that, provided that you’ve not ordered a steak or something along those lines.

The portion size as well as the sumptuousness factor varies from dish to dish. For instance the Shish Taouk (a Turkish dish) that we tried was really delectable but the quantity was abysmally low considering that it’s priced at Rs.400. At that price point, a mere two seekhs and that also comprising of tiny chicken pieces is not acceptable.

The Royal Kabuli Pulao, well, there was nothing royal about it. If anything, it was more like a commoner than a royal. Priced at Rs.350,  the portion size was sufficiently large but the taste wasn’t up to the mark. For one, you would expect either lamb or beef to be used in a kabuli pulao, Bar bq tonight used chicken. What this did was keep the pulao bland which definitely would have benefited from the use of red meat which has its own unique flavor unlike chicken and would have brought the flavor in the pulao.

The bar bq mutton ribs are more of a royal treat than the pulao. Priced at a hefty Rs.850, the portion size is enormously generous, fit for three persons. And they’re definitely sumptuous, having just the right amount of charcoal effect without the bitter taste that ensues if they’re a bit overdone.

One minor glitch is the way they’ve coined their menu. Just look at the items under the Chef’s Recommendation heading. If their chef is recommending stuff like french fries and dal, then God help us.  In fact literally everything on the menu is either a specialty or a chef’s recommendation.

Our verdict is that although overall Barbeque tonight is a great place for enjoying some truly sumptuous offerings, not every item on the menu is worth trying out. The place also offers steaks and stuff, but you wouldn’t want to indulge in them here of all the places. Stick to barbeque items if you’re dining at barbeque tonight.

Hot n Tasty Roll & BBQ: Just another roll wala?

Silver Spoon Snacks was the pioneer of the kabab roll, but the credit for creating the modern kabab roll goes to Red Apple, Eaton and Hot n Spicy. The difference between the two is that the new one is bulkier and has an array of choices to go with the actual filling. You can have garlic mayo sauce with chicken malai boti, cheese with beef behari boti, or plain boti with chutni- the varieties are endless.

Following the success of these four giants, everyone is on a rush to jump on the roll kabab bandwagon. Hot n Tasty is one of those. Neither the name nor the signboard has any originality to it. You could visit dozens of such shops with the same name and aura. Hell, even the product offering is virtually the same. It’s a second degree clone of the actual thing. The size is slightly on the smaller side, even the ‘botis’ are not sufficient, and the paratha is way too soaked in oil. The garlic mayo sauce, however, was tasty, something which many of these me-too shops fail to emulate.

The inside of the place is something best not talked about. It looked like it was a barbershop which got converted into a restaurant. The walls are painted with some strange reflector material. It’s best to stay outside in your car and eat there instead of entering this small hall devoid of any pleasant ambience. That way you wouldn’t have to know the hygiene factor of the place, which it isn’t on the high side either. But then what do you expect from such a place.

The location of the place, well that’s it’s biggest advantage. It’s right on the front road coming from the Bahadurabad chowrangi going towards Sharafabad. What’s more, it doesn’t have any competition on the front, except Roll Corner which is situated deep in the lane opposite the Tooso. But it’s a pretty stiff competition. Roll Corner is right in the league of the four major giants and had it been on the front street, it would have blown away any competition within striking distance.

We tested the tikka of Hot n Tasty as well, and like its other items, it’s also just alright, nothing more.

In short, this fledgling shop has all the ingredients for going up the success ladder, the biggest being its location. All it needs is for its owner to shed his myopic vision and aim for the long term by exceeding customer expectations instead of disappointing them by offering below average stuff.

Tasty Roll
Tasty Roll