Snack Attack is yet another mid-range fast food joint in the city.  It’s biggest drawback is its location. Although located on Khalid Bin Waleed Road (parallel to Tariq Road) which sees a lot of traffic, it does not have any food joints located nearby. This simple fact has been a source of downfall for many restaurants before.

On the up side, Snack Attack has broken away from the trend of offering a plethora of meal deals with a kabab roll thrown in for good measure in every deal. In fact it doesn’t offer kabab roll or barbeque for that matter at all. It has done well to differentiate itself by offering stuff that has a taste apart from the rest of the bunch. In addition it is offering products which most don’t bother such as fish zinger. In fact it is shrewdly emulating Nandos by offering their core brands – Peri Peri Chicken and Espetada. While the Espetada at Nandos cost a whopping Rs.500+, Snack Attack has cleverly priced at just Rs.265.

Although Snack Attack is charging a premium pricing compared to its counterparts in the mid-tier category, it hasn’t come up with an ambiance to justify the premium. The joint is almost completely open a la Khan Snacks and therefore without air-conditioning. In fact the kitchen is open as well and although you get to see how the food is being prepared, the downside is that whenever they prepare something sizzling or spicy being prepared, the aroma stings your throat all the way in the dining hall as it did in our case. That was really annoying.
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They’ve got a solitary plasma screen on one of the walls showing the cricket matches which is not enough. A couple more will do.

We tried the mushroom Swiss chicken burger with cheese priced Rs.165 (add Rs.20 for cheese) and bbq club sandwich priced Rs.175. Instead of the usual fries and coleslaw, they provide garlic sauce and fries along with the snacks.

The mushroom Swiss chicken burger was supremely divine. Yes, the mushroom quantity was less than desirable, yes, the burger size wasn’t upto the mark and yes, the bun wasn’t the freshest we’ve ever tasted. In spite of these minor shortcomings, the chicken mushroom burger is worth devouring.

The bbq club sandwich could be placed at the other end of the spectrum. Its size was almost humongous, enough to satiate your appetite. The taste was pretty palatable. The filling wasn’t all that great. In line with the ordinary fast food joints, they had conveniently left the edges empty.

One good thing about them is that they give a huge quantity of fries. And the garlic sauce they serve with the meal is scrumptious.

The service is one of their weak points. When we visited in the evening, the place was almost deserted with almost 20 waiters swarming around, and yet the order was served late. If they had employed as many cooks as they have waiters, they could certainly speed up the process. But late isn’t a glitch if the end result is fresh and piping hot. While the chicken mushroom burger was just that, the club sandwich was cold.

Traditionally, club sandwiches are served in that fashion, but if you’re looking to differentiate, you might as well differentiate by serving the sandwiches hot. One big advantage of this is that the taste of any dish whether it’s great or mediocre is enhanced simply by virtue of being hot.

Another blemish in the service was serving half the dishes before and the rest after 10 minutes. It’s an unspoken rule of thumb in the food service industry to serve everyone at the same time instead of making a few people from the group having to wait while the rest consumer their meal.

Overall, Snack Attack is worth giving a shot with their uniquely prepared items. They could definitely do with a few meal deals. Right now they’re just offering two meal deals which are for the whole family and not for a single person.

Snack Attack
66/1 Jamaluddin Afghani Road