Qasr-e-Nakheel – Clean Eating Challenge Day 5
Day 5 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Qasr-e-Nakheel – Clean Eating Challenge Day 5

Lunch – Home-Made Breakfast

Continued with my tried and tested recipe of having a late breakfast and skipping lunch.

Today I had 3 boiled eggs with bran bread, Malai and chai.

Wasn’t that satiating as the previous day so had a mango as well early evening to pick up my plunging glycogen level.


Dinner – Qasr-e-Nakheel

Qasr-e-Nakheel is one of the oldest cafes on Boat Basin serving Arabic cuisine, or at least some part of it.

And their chicken shawarma platter deal delivers bang for the buck. Alas, if only their hummus was appetizing.

Unfortunately it’s not. Just a bland paste of chickpeas.

If you want to dip into a rollicking hummus, aim for Rowtisserie’s hummus, best in town.

The shawarma platter comprises of grilled chicken, hummus, onions, pickled carrots, beetroot and cucumber, and a raita type paste.

All in all the quantity is enough to leave you satiated.  

I’m surprised I haven’t landed on the radar of FoodPanda’s management as yet even though I’ve been ordering through them twice a day every day for the last two weeks. It seems they don’t do much with all the ‘Big Data’ they’re accumulating.


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