Nutrinizer & Health Act – Clean Eating Challenge Day 9
Day 9 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Nutrinizer & Health Act – Clean Eating Challenge Day 9

Day 9. Thursday

Lunch- Eatfit

It has finally dawned on me that Eatfit is more of a cunning marketer’s dream rather than just a health café.

Their shrewd prices speak volumes of their cunningness. Eatfit’s minimum order price is Rs.350. And yet there’s not a single item on the menu with that price. The closest someone comes is the stuffed grilled chicken at Rs.340.

What this means is you always have to order another item, and even at the cheapest, the cost invariably reaches Rs.500, what with the evil VAT and all.

So while Asian Brown Rice Salad would have been enough for me at Rs.362, I was forced to order the Thai Cabbage Salad as well and dish out another Rs.147.

Total bill came out to be Rs.509. And it was more than I needed.

Taste-wise the brown rice was just ok, a mixture of rice chicken with peanuts all over it.

The Thai Cabbage Salad was what we call ‘Ghaas Poos’. Completely dry. I felt like a cow grazing on the meadows eating it.

And cows are not the best embodiment of fitness. Not the best feeling in the world to have. Not the best way to have lunch.

Dinner – Nutrinizer

Nutrinizer has managed to impress me so far. And their chicken and roasted pineapple salad didn’t fail to disappoint. I did get the feeling that it wasn’t the most healthy of options, owing to the fact that it was laden with dressing. And what kind of dressing I’m not exactly sure.

The chicken was definitely grilled, unlike Eatfit’s offerings which have cooked chicken. And that’s not the only difference between Eatfit and Nutrinizer. Nutrinizer’s offerings are far more delectable than Eatfit.

Portion-wise they are at par while price-wise Nutrinizer is more expensive.

Both lunch and dinner were ordered through FoodPanda, the biggest food delivery service in Pakistan till now. And no, I’m neither sponsored nor paid by them.


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