Day 8 of the 30-Day Challenge. Wednesday.

I made use of FoodPanda for ordering both lunch and dinner. They have by and large provided good service.  A few hiccups here and there, but overall not bad at all.

Lunch – Nutrinizer

I’m beginning to have the growing sensation that by the time this 30 Day Clean eating challenge is over, Nutrinizer is going to be a clear winner in the battle of the health cafes.

It was the second time I was having a go at Nutrinizer and boy O’ boy, did they deliver on the goods.

This was also the first time that FoodPanda delivered late, more than an hour for the delivery. I wonder whether FoodPanda offers any incentive or money-back offers if they fail to deliver on time, A la Dominos.

I had order a slim omelet wrap with chicken and baby spinach inside. It was a truly beautiful wrapping of omelet if I ever saw one.

Just looking at made you want to devour it. There are very few instances in the restaurant industry where what looks amazing actually tastes amazing too.

This was those rare moments.

Of course price-wise they are on the higher side. At more than Rs.400 for an omelet, that’s not cheap by any standard.

Dinner – Health Act

Health Act should be renamed Fleecing Act. Because that’s precisely what they’re trying to do.

Chef Mahboob has no idea [or maybe he’s in on it] that his team of cooks is making and delivering sub-par food to his customers.

I ordered the Grilled Cuban sandwich. There was nothing grilled about it.

It was a tiny sandwich costing 500 bucks. And the beef in it, let’s just say you needed jaws of steel to chew on it. And it was cooked, not grilled or even baked.

This was one stubborn cow. Or Bhens. Or was it even a mammal?


You never know. Maybe Chef Mehboob is doctoring some genetically modified animals and feeding them to us unsuspecting wannabe health aspirants.

I’ll still give Health Act another chance. Let’s see if this is the norm or they had a bad-hair twice in a row.

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