Nutrinizer & EverGreen – Clean Eating Challenge Day 15
EverGreen Nutrinizer 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Nutrinizer & EverGreen – Clean Eating Challenge Day 15

Day 15. Wednesday

FoodPanda again did the honors of bringing my grub for the day. They have made some mistakes over the last 15 days, but they have been consistent by the Pakistani standards.


Lunch – Nutrinizer

The BBQ chicken salad wasn’t the first time I was having. At Rs.350, it looks pricey but the portion size is so generous that it makes up for the price.

It does have some kind of dressing so I’m not entirely sure how healthy it is.


Dinner – EverGreen [Agha’s]

Evergreen’s Chicken Azzurri salad was as fulfilling as their steak salad. So you can bet all their salad offerings are like that. It cost Rs.420, and didn’t have the value of more than Rs.200. That’s how bad it was.

I wasn’t going to go hungry the second time around in the same day, so I had hummus and khubz leftovers from previous night along with the salad.

Evergreen should just call it quits the way they’re going.



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