Nando’s Peri Bites are fiery green chillies stuffed with tender strips of grilled chicken. Or so the official version says.

In reality they’re not fiery. They’ll tease your taste buds for sure, but that’s just about it. If you’re looking for setting your taste buds on fire, this isn’t the right dish.

Although the official version says ‘stuffed with tender strips of grilled chicken’, in reality this wasn’t the case. The strips were few and far in between. In fact in some of the chillies, they were as good as absent.

One of the drawbacks of the peri bites was that they were not hot enough, hot as in heated enough. It seemed they had been prepared beforehand and just microwaved before serving.

Of course with the level of traffic Nando’s generating, they would have to be prepared well in advance. But at least they ought to be heated properly before serving.

Nando's Peri Bites are fiery green chillies stuffed with tender strips of grilled chicken.

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The biggest shortcoming of the peri bites was, however, the lack of any dip sauce to go with it. This is criminal by any standard, especially when all the other foreign franchises are offering some sort of dip to go along with their starters.

What was even more criminal was that the waiter asked if we needed any dip sauce to go with the peri bites, we said of course we do. But then without informing us whether the sauce was on the house or to be charged, he went ahead and brought a sort of mayonnaise which we later on the bill to be their Perinaise sauce which costs a whopping Rs.100 for a mere scoop of the stuff. It’s not the price that is the issue. We’ve had far more expensive appetizers before.

It’s the whole way of presenting and dealing with it. The peri bites cost Rs.210 for a mere six pieces. Add to that the Perinaise and the GST on them and the cost comes out to be Rs.360.

If we were Nando’s, we would fix the Peri Bites price at Rs.360, and then include the Perinaise sauce in it by default. And oh yes, the number of pieces would be eight not six, making sure that they’re really stuffed with chicken strips as claimed in the menu.

And they would be served piping hot. So with just a few minor adjustments, Nando’s can make the Peri Bites from just good enough to super duper remarkable. That’s what great branding is all about.