KFC Panini Rocks Karachi

KFC Panini Rocks Karachi

KFC just like Pizza Hut and Mcdonald’s has the habit of running one promo deal after other  anytime of the year. Most of KFC deals are mere repackaging or bundling of their existing products akin to Pizza Hut and McDonald’s.

However, once in a while KFC launches something new in the same vein as Pizza Hut and Mcdonald’s.


KFC Panini is one such product. However, the Panini is not a radical departure from KFC’s core offerings and is line with KFC’s brand essence. As such it’s not an authentic Panini but an extended version of it.

Panini are basically small bread rolls filled with any number of things from ham to salami, to mince meat, anything goes. It is usually served warm after having been pressed by a warming grill

The actual word is ‘Panino’, the singular form and Panini is its plural.

It’s actually an Italian dish which became popular all over the world once it was widely accepted in the great US of A. Now any sandwich which is toasted or grilled is labeled as Panini.

The main distinction of the original dish was the type of bread used, either Ciabatta  or Rosetta.

The one used in KFC Panini is a variation of the Ciabatta. seems like neither of these. The main difference is the upper crust which is there on these two but was conspicuous by its absence in the KFC version.

The KFC Panini comprises of the standard Zinger fillet topped with pickled cucumber and a spread of garlic mayo coupled with mozzarella cheese in a European toasted and grilled bread which appeared to be some variation of the Italian Ciabiatta.

KFC Panini
KFC Panini

All in all, the bread and the mayo were the only two differentiating factors from the rest of the KFC offerings.

The only shortcoming that we faced was the paucity of chicken chunks. Of course KFC could argue that because of the length of the Panini, the chicken cannot be equally distributed and that in some areas, the concentration is higher whereas others are barren.

However, that argument does not hold good when you take into account the KFC Filler. The KFC Filler is much larger than KFC Panini and yet the entire sub was loaded with zinger chunks. If KFC had emulated that design, Panini would be that much better.

All in all, KFC Panini is a good deal to try especially if you yearn for garlic mayo and want to delve into a new type of bread. However at Rs.330 (Rs.440 for combo meal), the KFC Filler is better value for money.


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  1. OMG, panini was the WORST thing i ever tasted at kfc.

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