KFC has been at the forefront of introducing not just new deals by bunching together the same old stuff in different packaging, but also unique variations of its existing products.


Some of them completely miss the mark while some just make it barely.  Once in a while KFC comes up with something that is truly remarkable. The KFC big Filler is one such creation.

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Although on the face of it it’s nothing unique, just a sandwich a la Subway, it’s the value for money that makes it truly worthwhile. And no it’s not cheap by any stretch of the imagination at Rs.325 (the combo costing a whopping Rs.440). But it’s reasonable considering that you’re having a branded meal. The Zinger although quite cheaper than this at Rs.225 is not very fulfilling. You don’t feel like having something else on top of it but at the same time you feel something amiss.


This is where the Filler works like a charm. It’s the perfect answer to all those grievances we all have had about broken promises from foreign franchises.


For one, it’s enormous – guaranteed to fill you up to the brim. Secondly, it’s actually tasty, which is more than what can be said for many of their new offerings. In fact Zinger deals lately had been tasting a lot less Zinger and more like their clones. People had even complained of the size getting shrunk as well.


In these trying times for KFC, the Filler is the perfect antidote for brand image enhancement. It’s even better than the mighty Zinger which costs Rs.335.


So what it’s all about?



It’s basically a sandwich roll filled with zinger chunks. You have choice of two varieties – classic and jalapeno. The Jalapeno is the better version, with sumptuous fillings of jalapeno interspersed in between.


So what’s so special about it, after all it’s just a rearrangement of ingredients? The thing is, in this case everything clicks- the perfect combination of chicken chunks, mayonnaise and salad. The chicken chunks are in fact the zinger patty itself broken down but when chewed in this context, it’s an entirely different experience. And it all boils down to the Jalapeno which adds another dimension to the gastronomical experience.


The trend these days is to come up with bigger and fatter crispy patties and the KFC clones are excelling at this more so than KFC itself. But bigger doesn’t necessarily translate into  better and having to chew on a humungous entity that doesn’t fit the size of your mouth is not the most pleasant of experiences.


Under such circumstances KFC has done well to break away from the norm and offer something different where you can actually taste the bun and other ingredients instead of just the chicken. If all you want to do is devour the crispy chicken, then you might as well have the broast.


The only downside was the role used which was not fresh. But that is something for which the particular KFC franchise where we dined is to blame instead of the deal itself.


KFC now has the ideal opportunity to leverage the Filler sandwich. Offer more variations of it – a fish chunk version, a hot chunk version etc. KFC clones will emulate that as well but KFC should be flattered and in fact encourage this competition to ensure this product spawns into an entire category.


It’s high time that Cupola, the company that manages KFC in Pakistan, actually starts taking steps to make KFC synonymous with fried chicken in this part of the world. And Cupola’s CEO Rafiq Rangoonwala who has been in the food service industry for the last three decades has all the skills in his repertoire to make it happen if he wills it.

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