Johnny Rockets Iftar Ramadan deal

Johnny Rockets Iftar Ramadan Deal

Johnny Rockets is offering one of the most interesting Iftar deals by any foreign franchise this Ramadan. The only downside of Johnny Rockets iftar deal is that it is limited to fixed persons – either 4 or 6 persons. Any number of persons other than that, and the deal falls flat.

Johnny Rockets Ramadan Deal:

This is what Johnny Rockets is offering as part of its Ramadan deal:

  1. 4 or 6 drinks with unlimited refills
  2. 4 or 6 chicken tenders
  3. salad bowl
  4. chili fries
  5. 4 or 6 burgers [Choice of beef bacon, smoke house and st. louise burger]
  6. 4 or 6 ice cream

GO through the Johnny Rockets review of the deal to better understand the value of this deal.

Johnny Rockets Iftar Ramadan deal
Johnny Rockets Iftar Ramadan deal

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