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Hardees Karachi Pakistan is still flying high third week into its foray of Karachi’s cutthroat fast food scene.

We tested Hardees for the third time in as many weeks, this time testing their mettle of managing take-away orders.

Our order took roughly 22 minutes, which on its own is not bad, but considering the fact that the dine-in orders take no more than 5 minutes to arrive, this wasn’t their best performance.

Posted by Restaurants Uncut on Saturday, 8 October 2011

In fact, it seemed hardees was having a bad hair day because although this day had the least foot traffic of our three visits, things were not going smoothly. This we witnessed from our vantage point near the counter as we waited for the order.

The modus operandi they’ve employed for take-away is that the smaller order gets precedence even if its 10 orders down the line. That way, No.25 would be served before No.15 if the size of the order was less.

Now although this maybe an efficient system of dispersing orders quickly to them, but from a customer’s point of view, it’s not very flattering when the person who came later than you gets served before. And this strategy has the potential of pissing off a hot-headed customer.

And it managed to do just that right in front of our eyes. An uncle who it seemed had ordered for their entire neighborhood got pushed down the queue as per Hardee’s strategy. After waiting patiently for sometime, they stomped to the counter fuming, letting the staff have it.

Then the items within each specific order were getting mixed up. In fact in our own case, we had order grilled chicken burger and got original thickburger in its place. Not a bad deal though, considering that the grilled chicken is Rs.100 cheaper than the thickburger.

But just imagine how the person who got the raw end of the deal, a grilled chicken instead of the original thickburger would be feeling. Probably foaming at the mouth.

On top of everything, they lost our receipt as well. It was, without doubt, complete chaos at the counter.

Hardee’s has one of the best dine-in services we’ve seen in both the local and foreign brands, but their refusal to segregate the dine-in and take-away orders is unnecessarily creating chaos both in the queues and at the counters. They would do well to separate the two at the earliest and make allowances for separate system at the very outset of their yet-to-be-launched DHA outlet.

Here’s what we test-drove on the third attempt:

Qty Type Patty Price
1 Original Thickburger Thick 360
1 Swiss Mushroom Double 360
1 Famous Star Single 270
1 Super Star Double 370
1 Chicken Fillet Single 270
1 Chicken Grilled Single 270
1 Large Fries 130
3 Large Crispy Curls 480
Total 2510

Chicken grilled of course we couldn’t get our hands on due to the mix-up.

One thing we have realized after testing pretty much all the burgers is that the Hardees staff at the counter is itself not sure which of the burgers are charbroiled and which are not. About the chicken burgers, they are confident, but when confusion reigns supreme when it comes to the beef burgers.

We ourselves have arrived at the conclusion that the thickburgers are not charbroiled, while the single and double patty burgers are. However, the people at Hardee’s counter are not sure about this. Some are saying all the burgers are charbroiled while others are not sure. No one’s confident.

All in all, the charbroiled burgers taste much better than the thickburgers, because although all the patties are frozen and not fresh, the charcoal effect enhances the taste, differentiating it not only from Hardee’s other burgers but from the rest of the competition as well.

The chicken fillet is just what you would call a filler material amongst a star-studded menu, analogous to songs that are put in an album just to add to numbers. Last time we checked the Santa Fe Chicken burger and there’s not much to choose between the two.

Posted by Restaurants Uncut on Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Swiss Mushroom with double patty fares much better than the thickburger, probably owing to the charbroiled effect. Quantity of mushrooms could be improved as the burger doesn’t have any salad in it, more mushrooms would enhance the fulfilling effect.

If you’re feeling ravenous, the Super Star is the burger to devour – an artery chocking concoction of two charbroiled beef patties oozing with mayo, double slices of cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, lettuce- the complete works.

Famous Star is a scaled-down version of Super Star with a single charbroiled patty while the rest of the condiments are the same.

The Original Thickburger is supposed to be their 2nd big star after Super Star. Although the beef patty is single, it is of the thick type covered with double slices of cheddar cheese and brimming with onions, lettuce and mayo.

The crispy curls are as always delectable while the fries didn’t do bad either. However, the real magic of these can only be felt then and there at the joint as by the time you get home, the crispy curls and the fries become soggy due to their own heat trapped within the packaging.

After three exhaustive tests, our verdict remains the same. Hardees has one of the best beef burgers in Karachi but they fall short of the gourmet category. However, if you’re looking to devour just a no-frills good old-fashioned beef burger without the bells and whistles of a gourmet burger, one that is big enough to satiate your appetite at good value for money, Hardees ought to be your first choice.

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  1. Your reviews really help us when we visit there.Directly choose super star unlike other peoples who confused what to choose what to not:)I think they need to cook patties more it like on medium-rare side.can’t able to eat anything more after that(unlike Mcdonald’s Big Mac Large).So Swiss Mushroom with double patty next time.

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