Hardees iftar deal

Hardees Iftar Deal

Hardee’s has been operating in Karachi for the last four years. In all these years Hardee’s has kept itself confined to just one branch in North Nazimabad, ignoring the huge target market south of Karachi where the real have-nots of this coastal town.  Moreover, Hardee’s has kept a very conservative approach to Ramadan deals, offering the bare minimum in iftar deals when it has got the potential to offer much more. Hardee’s would do well to take a leaf out of Johnny Rockets page which has come out with a very lucrative Ramadan deal.

Here’s what Hardee’s is offering as part of its iftar deal at Rs. 1300:

Hardee’s Iftar Offering[su_box style=”bubbles” box_color=”#c3100d” title_color=”#06249a” radius=”14″]2 chicken fillet burger 1 famous star burger 3 chicken tenders 3 drinks Fries[/su_box]

Hardees iftar deal
Hardees iftar deal

Hardees Restaurant
Hyderi, Block-D, North Nazimabad
Karachi , Pakistan 

Phone: 9221-36633853-54

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