Grillers in the Mist

Grillers in the Mist

Grillers in the Mist is yet another upscale restaurant of Karachi located in Nishat Commercial Area DHA phase 6.

Grillers in the Mist has been receiving some good reviews in the mainstream media as well as the social media. There was a review of Grillers in the Mist published in Dawn magazine. Then it has come up in the discussions on the facebook group SWOT as well.

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Location is the biggest impediment for Grillers in the Mist as it is for any business, especially one in the food service industry. The only other restaurant in the area is Latte Lounge and even that is at the other end of Nishat.

At least Latte Lounge is on the main road of Nishat Commercial. Grillers in the Mist doesn’t have even that advantage. You are unlikely to find it unless you’re really looking for it. And this problem was evident from the fact that the place was deserted on a Saturday night.

This does not augur well for a restaurant. Not on any day. And on a weekend night it’s criminal. Although both Grillers in the Mist and Latte Lounge are similar with respect to their offerings, there’s actually a world of difference between their brand essence.

Although both have dual floors, Grillers in the Mist a basement, and Latte Lounge a first floor; Grillers in the Mist has contrasting ambience on its two floors. While the basement is geared towards a younger clientele with dingy dark interior and huge cushion sofas with a bar at one end serving Sheesha, the ground floor has a picture perfect ambience meant for fine-dining with your standard chair-table arrangement.

And with the place deserted most of the time, you’ve the entire place to yourself, an ideal place for you to take that special someone to have a quiet private dinner. They could definitely do with the dimming of the light on the fine-dining floor  a bit as it is a bit too bright, especially when compared to the dark interior down below.


One thing worth mentioning about the basement is that one of the walls is adorned with pictures of Pakistani film and TV stars of yesteryears. Whether these pictures are exclusive is not known, but the reason for this addition to the décor is the father of the restaurant’s owner who was a stalwart of the film industry. Latte Lounge on the other hand has a laid-back ambience through and through. Apart from a sheesha lounge it also doubles up as a bakery.

When it comes to menu, Grillers in the Mist has a far more extensive offering than Latte Lounge, offering numerous varieties of pastas, burgers, steaks other similar stuff. Yes, Latte Lounge does all of these things, but the varieties are less. We tried two of their offerings:

Fettucine Alfredo, one of the most popular pastas especially in this part of the world  Rs.495 was good but not great.

It’s biggest drawback was lack of adequate salt. Now salt may be the most underestimated ingredient if there ever is one. Overdo it, and you spoil the whole dish, underdo it, and the inherent taste of the entrée just doesn’t come forth. It doesn’t matter if you sprinkle salt on top. It just cannot compensate for the salt added whilst cooking. At Rs.495, it had sufficient value for money as far as the overall quantity and the quantity of star ingredients is concerned.

Chicken Stroganoff at Rs.500 was palatable with adequate quantity but again the flavor was not strong enough. It would be premature to pass judgment on Grillers in the Mist based just on these two dishes considering the fact that it scored pretty well on other fronts including the service. We felt we should have gone at least for one of the grilled items especially when the name of the restaurant carries the word grill.

The dawn review for instance lavished praise on the chicken with tarragon sauce and one of the beef steaks. Having said that, there’s no doubt that these two dishes are not the specialty of Grillers in the Mist as many of the other restaurants in this category make better versions of them.

What Grillers in the Mist ought to do now is how to overcome its shortcoming of an obscure location by offering unbeatable offers, the likes of which have never been seen in the fine-dining category of Karachi.


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