Sheikh  Abdul  Ghaffar Kabab House has been around the Karachi foodscape for almost two decades, and yet it hasn’t gained the popularity as some of the other eateries in its genre. Two major reasons for that. One, the place is situated in an obscure lane in a residential district of Delhi Mercantile Society. Secondly, it is the only major eating house in that particular lane, hence it cannot be really called a food street, although looking at the number of people swarming around with cars jampacked, it definitely is a happening lane.

However, most of the people visiting it are the people living nearby. Very few people outside of this area know about it, and that also only through word of mouth.

In contrast, hardly a few blocks away is the Alamgir welfare street with Gaffar’s nemesis Zameer Haider that is generating far more publicity and customers than Ghaffar.[slickr-flickr tag=”ghaffar”]

Ghaffar offers a plethora of different items although its specialty remains kabab and malai boti. On this particular visit, we tested three items from its menu, namely, malai boti, behari boti and maghaz nehari.

Nehari is not Ghaffar’s forte and yet it manages to churn out quite an acceptable taste. The spices were also quite balanced unlike the Nihari Inn one which is brimming with spices so much so that you can’t discern the actual taste of the dish.

The Malai Chicken Boti was as always delectable, with the spices just enough to tingle your taste buds without burning them to hell. However, the quantity has gone down drastically (see the snapshot) whereas the price has climbed to an exorbitant Rs.150. Before, two people could share one plate if they had one other item to go with it. Not anymore.

The Behari Beef Boti was delicious as well, and although its price is barely reasonable at Rs.86 per plate, the quantity is an issue here as well. Also the pieces of beef were a bit too stiff and they needed to be marinated and grilled a bit more.

The Nehari quantity was quite a mouthful, but then so was the price at Rs.140.  Paratha, particularly the one that goes with the barbeque items is not something every eating house can churn out perfect. Most of the time it’s way too ‘karak’ and crumbles in your hands so much so that you cannot make a decent ‘nivala’ with it.

Ghaffar’s paratha are as close to perfect as you can get- large in size, no crumbling fuss, and sufficient width, simply great. The chatni they serve with the meal is not that good, and they really need to improve on that count. The Nan’s were good as well.

All in all, Ghaffar is a good place to crash if you are in the mood for some BBQ delicacies but don’t want to spend a fortune at BBQ tonight.