Dominos & Koel Cafe – Clean Eating Challenge Day 16
Koel Cafe Dominos 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Dominos & Koel Cafe – Clean Eating Challenge Day 16

Day 16. Thursday

FoodPanda again did the honors of bringing my grub for the night. They have made some mistakes over the last 15 days, but they have been consistent by the Pakistani standards.

Lunch- Domino’s

It was an evil day.  I went to Adcom for our project meeting in the morning. It got late. Lunchtime. They ordered pizza from Dominos. It tasted like heaven. I gobbled up God knows how many pieces. There was pepperoni pizza, chicken tikka, creamy, cheese bread – Damn, I had it all.

Need I say anything more?

The only saving grace was that I didn’t consume any soft drink.

And it was free. So I managed to save one meal’s cost. And that’s an upside, isn’t it?

Dinner – Koel Café

After the eating carnage at lunch, I wanted to go for something low-key. I haven’t had fish for quite sometime, so I ordered the Grilled Atlantic Red Snapper from Koel Café.

Now since it was written grilled, I assumed it would be healthy. Wrong. It had potato gratin and was oozing with some kind of evil.

Mind you, it was delicious. But then even the Mighty Zinger is delicious. That doesn’t mean you should have it.

It cost a whopping Rs.788 so it’s definitely not for the faint of heart when it comes to their wallets.

The portion size is just about right. It’s not going you to satiate you big time, unless you’ve an appetizer or something as well.



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