Clean Eating Challenge Day 1 – EatFit and Rowtisserie
Day 1 30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Clean Eating Challenge Day 1 – EatFit and Rowtisserie

I had started using FoodPanda app just this Ramadan and I found it quite useful. Not many glitches so far. Will try some other app as well just to see how they measure up.

Day 1 of the Clean Eating Challenge started off with me ordering from EatFit for lunch.

EatFit- Lunch

If you don’t know what EatFit is, it is one of the many so-called ‘healthy eating’ cafes that opened up when the wave of clean eating hit our shores about three years ago.

Turns out it was just a fad, as most of the outlets have closed shop. EatFit however survived and continues to prosper.  Perhaps the biggest reason it was able to do this was because of the fact that it’s a  delivery-only business whereas its competitors had made the mistake of opening up a glorified café and accruing more expenses than they could manage.

I ordered Spinach Stuffed Chicken Breast with vegetables for Rs.320+tax, which was supposed to set my calorie counter back by 394 calories.  

The stuff was good. Only that the stuffing was there. If it was, it was hidden very shrewdly that only the most discerning consumer could find it.

The portion size? Not very good. Won’t feel you satiated by a long shot. I had my suspicions about it so I ordered a Corn and Bean Salad as well to be on the safe side. Cost Rs.150+tax.

Portion size? Extremely disappointing. For that cost, they ought to have a full casserole filled with the stuff, considering the content, just corn and chickpeas.  What I got instead was a small plastic container, the one you use to feed the birds. Not a comforting thought.

So while I found Eatfit’s stuff reasonably good, they seriously need to work on their price points and portion size, considering the fact that they don’t have a physical location and as such do not have any overbearing overheads.

Rowtisserie – Dinner

Dinner had me ordering Mezze platter from Rowtisserie.

Mezze or Meze comes from the Persian word ‘Mazze’ and it refers to a collection of small dishes which are served prior to the main course. It’s the Western world’s equivalent of appetizer.

This dish or collection of dishes is prevalent in all cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. So you’ll mostly find it in Middle Eastern cuisines.


Rowtisserie’s mezzeh comprised of hummus, baba ganoush, olives, feta cheese, pickles, grilled chicken cube and some strange looking dish with cucumber dipped in a tangy oil that burned in your throat.

Day 1 of Clean Eating Challenge. Dinner: Meze Platter by #Rowtisserie. Cost Rs.734.

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I reckon the quantity was alright. But the price….well at Rs.650 +tax which comes out to be almost Rs.750, it’s not for the faint of heart.

Taste was delectable, as I’ve always found Rowtisserie’s products.

That wrapped the first day of clean eating challenge, setting me back by Rs.1300. So it’s going to be a long month.  


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