Sajjad Restaurant Iftar Buffet Dinner

Sajjad Restaurant is one of the lesser known restaurant chains in Pakistan dwarfed by the likes of Lal Qila abd BBQ tonight. In spite of the stiff competition, Sajjad has been able to carve out a niche for itself. It started out as one of the highway restaurants like Al- Habib but since then has spawned to include two more outlets, one at Do Darya beach avenue and the other in Sukkur.

Sajjad Restaurant is offering Iftar buffer dinner deal at its do darya outlet for Rs.1295. It hasn’t specified the number of dishes or even the type of dishes it’s offering or whether the tax is included in this Ramadan deal or not.


sajjad iftar buffet dinner
sajjad iftar buffet dinner

Sajjad Restaurant

Phone Number: 021-8267330, 03018229808, 03018290958
Address: Beach view Road, Do Darya, Phase VIII, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan


Mirage Restaurant Iftar Buffet Dinner

Mirage Restaurant the newest buffet restaurant on the Karachi foodscape at Do Darya is offering Iftar Buffet Dinner deal at Rs.1200 inclusive of tax. Mirage restaurant hasn’t mentioned the list of dishes apart from claiming that they are serving upto 100 dishes which includes a cornucopia of dishes from Pakistani, Thai, Chinese and Mughlai cuisine.

Judging from my prior experience at Mirage restaurant in pre-Ramadan days, this Ramadan deal is slated to be a mouthful.

Mirage Buffet Restaurant Karachi

Phone Number: 021-32046900
Address: 2 Darya, Foods Street Devils Point, Phase 8 D.H.A Sea View, Karachi, Pakistan
mirage restaurant ramadan deal
mirage restaurant ramadan deal