cafe aylanto iftari buffet

Cafe Aylanto Iftar Buffet Dinner

Cafe Aylanto is one of Karachi’s fine dining restaurants that offers primarily Mediterranean cuisine. Every year Cafe Aylanto offers Iftar buffer dinner during Ramadan the specifics of which change from year to year. Cafe Aylanto’s Ramadan deal this year is one of the most expensive in Karachi this year at Rs.1895+ tax and this does not even include the soft drinks. The choice of items are limited too.

Here’s what Cafe Aylanto is offering:

Cafe Aylanto Iftar:

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  • Fish n chips
  • Mini chicken drumsticks
  • Potato sliders
  • Mini chicken n vegetable sandwiches
  • Fruit chat
  • Dahi phulki
  • Chicken Wanton
  • Filafel
  • Choice of mint lemonade or sherbet


Cafe Aylanto Buffet Dinner:

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  • Assorted bread
  • Caesar salad
  • Turkish Topkapi
  • Cold Mediterranean pasta
  • Spicy Penny pasta
  • Beef kobedeh
  • Sole Mediterranean
  • Chicken Mandhi
  • Chicken Morrocan
  • Chatteaurbriand
  • Brown Rice
  • Assorted vegetables
  • Rosemary roasted potatos
  • Mini chocolate fudge cake
  • Warm bread pudding
  • Fruit Tartlets
  • Profiteroles


cafe aylanto iftari buffet
cafe aylanto iftari buffet

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