Bumzee’s is the latest fast food joint in Gulshan-e-Iqbal on the Disco Bakery food street, one of the increasingly happening food streets of Karachi.

As opposed to most of the food joints on that strip – roll walas and bar bq – Bumzees stands out with its persona of an upscale fast food outlet just like playing bingo. Even the prices are a testament to that fact.

The only thing lagging at Bumzee’s is the service which we found a bit too slow in responding to requests.

We tried the crispy burger deal, chowmein and chicken garlic mayo roll. For drinks we tested the strawberry shake.

Bumzees is a new upscale fast food joint on the Disco Bakery Food Street in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi.

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The chicken crispy burger deal (included fries and drink) at Rs.300 is exorbitantly priced, on the other hand it is the biggest zinger burger we’ve had other than the mighty zinger at KFC. The bun size as well as the crusty chicken inside is more than enough to satiate your appetite.
The burger without the fries and drink cost Rs.200.

If you’re feeling ravenous and have the hots for a huge chicken crusty burger, then head for Bumzees.

Bumzees karachi
Bumzees karachi

The taste of the burger is a different matter altogether. If you’re looking forward to a burger that tastes similar to KFC Zinger then you’ll be disappointed because it has a different taste altogether.  Then it doesn’t have the coleslaw to go with it, which does not augur well for the brand as almost all local zinger clones provide this local delicacy.

The taste of their garlic mayo sauce is below par as the true essence of this sauce just doesn’t tantalize your taste buds. If they can just add more zing to their garlic sauce, it would boost the taste of any product they use it on manifold, including the crusty burger.

Chicken chowmein at Rs. 200 was delectable although the quantity could have been a whole lot better. What was good about it was that it was stir-fried and as such all the ingredients stood out with a distinct essence of their own especially the vegetables.

Bumzees karachi
Bumzees karachi

The chicken garlic mayo roll was the odd-man out and highlighted the fact that kabab rolls are not the specialty of Bumzees. It just didn’t have the spark you would expect from a good kabab roll wala. It’s definitely not in the same league as Hot n Spicy and Red Chilli. This is another area where Bumzees needs to improve upon.

The place also offers barbeque items which we didn’t test in this visit.

The strawberry shake at Rs.90 was your standard affair made with strawberry ice cream instead of real strawberries.

Bumzees ia a good place to have a decent meal in a pleasant ambience on the Disco Bakery Food Street.