5 Days Health n Wealth Report
5 day Healthy Eating Report

5 Days Health n Wealth Report

I started off the Clean Eating Challenge focusing on just two parameters: waist line and weight line.

My waist stood at a staggering 37” and the weight at not an alarming 163 lb or 72 kg. So far there hasn’t been much difference but then again it’s been only 5 days into the challenge.

I started out looking like a python who had swallowed a goat, and well I still look the same.

5 day Healthy Eating Report
5 day Healthy Eating Report

Two things I haven’t changed in my experiment are:

  1. Amount of sugar I consume daily. 2 teaspoons X 4 cups of tea = 8 tbsp.
  2. Amount of exercise. Prior to starting the 30 Day Clean Eating Challenge, I used to do stretches and push-ups for like 5 mins in the morning, and some yoga stretches for 20 mins in the evening, and even that’s not a regular feature. Have kept the same regimen during the quest as well.

As far as my expenses are concerned, I’m bleeding Rs.1,000 on an average per day and chances are if I manage to complete this challenge, I would have parted with Rs.30,000, which is the minimum prediction. Could be much more. The need of the hour is to create a regimen that can be easily followed ad nauseam instead of worrying about the money. The expenditure would neutralize to some extent once other things are streamlined.



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