4G is a buffet restaurant slated to open in Lahore that will prove to be a game changer in the highly competitive foodscape of Lahore.

On the face of it, it appears to be like any other buffet restaurant, but it aspires to differentiate itself from the rest of the pack.

But why the name 4G? It sounds more like a telecom brand rather than a restaurant brand.

The name 4G has many connotations. On one level, the name 4G symbolizes the four grand cuisines on offer at the restaurant, namely, Chinese, Lebanese, Italian and Mediterranean. No other restaurant in Lahore or even Karachi comes even close to this. At best, what you can expect to get at a standard buffet restaurant is a three cuisine buffet, which is rare. And even then, only the common dishes of that particular cuisine are offered. 4G buffet restaurant on the other hand offers the top of the line dishes in these four cuisines.

And it doesn’t stop there. It plans to get its customers involved in the creation of its buffet menu with the passage of time. This co-creation initiative will go a long way in creating organic brand ambassadors for 4G.

One other aspect of the name 4G is that it aims to offer the fastest internet hotspot in the entire country with speeds of 32MBPs. That way 4G symbolizes the lightning speed of the current era.

Although it is a buffet restaurant, it is not designed in line with your average buffet restaurant. On the contrary, it is designed as a sleek and sophisticated lounge.

Being a product of the digital age, the 4G management has a lot of activities in store for its customers on the digital front that is guaranteed to create a stir in the market.

Get ready to immerse yourself in a surreal dining experience at the 4G Buffet restaurant.

You can find 4G on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtage #4GBuffet.