30-Day Clean Eating Challenge
Healthy Eating 30 Day Challenge

30-Day Clean Eating Challenge

Forgive me Father, for I’ve sinned.

I’ve sinned to gastronomical proportions.

One of the Seven Deadly Sins. Or Capital Vices. Or Cardinal Sins. Whatever you want to call them. I’m not too sure about the other six, but ‘Gula’ is something I’ve indulged in excessively.

And I’ve got the proof. A pot belly which would make any pregnant woman’s heart swell with pride. A bulging waist, going from an envious 32.5” to a monstrous 36.5”.

And then there’s the proverbial weight. I’ve added a staggering 6 kg in record time. Will have to check with Guinness World Records whether they have a record for adding weight in swift time. So right now, I weigh 172lb or 72 kg.

And it’s interesting that neither the weight nor the waist shrunk an iota, considering that the Ramadan are just over, and I devoutly kept all the Rozas. Unfortunately, I also devoutly ate like a starving lunatic all through the month. Hence the lack of gains, or losses, to be precise.    

But what has got my unenviable eating record got to do with a restaurant review website?

The thing is, in the absence of any motivation to change my sedentary lifestyle, I’ve decided to go on a month-long discovery of healthy eating options available in Karachi’s foodscape, and see how much I’m able to reduce myself by opting for only those throughout the month without changing anything else in my life.

And at what cost.

They don’t come cheap, let me tell you.

It’s just Day One of my experiment, and already I’ve been set back by Rs. 1,300. Not for the faint of heart, eh? You bet.

But someone had to take up this seemingly mundane challenge. So why not me, the armchair critic who’s also the very first food blogger this country saw before even today’s tech-savvy had-haram generation was born.

What’s in it for me? Who knows. Perhaps one of the restaurants I feature on this quest would happily sponsor it me. Or just feed me.

Perhaps FoodPanda, my go-to app for this quest, would make me their brand ambassador. You never know.

For the record, no other variable in my lifestyle would be changed so that we’ve an objective analysis of the results 30 days down the road.

So while I continue to dish out my meagre morning routine of 5 min exercise, or evening routine of playing Kinect games on my Xbox, which won’t impact the results since that is already part of my routine and has had no effect on my health or lack of it, till now, I’m not going to exercise anymore than that so that we have a level playing field.

And I won’t bother you with calorie counters and other trivial stats. Research has shown that these things only manage to overwhelm a person and make him quit rather than motivate or inspire him in any way.

So I’ll follow the KISS method. Keep it Simple, Stupid.  What does consuming healthy foods have an impact on your waistline and weight? That’s it. Nothing more.  

So let the 30 Day Quest begin.


I’m an engineer, marketer, photographer, writer and food critic all rolled into one. If you need me to analyze your restaurant both from a consumer as well as marketer’s point of view, write and publish a sponsored review, or even sponsorship of this website by your brand, kindly visit this page for details or simply email me your query at [email protected]

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